Smart Video Australia has developed one of the world’s most advanced interactive data-driven video SaaS platforms. Leveraging real-time data, videos are streamed live from the cloud, with customised video and audio.

Advanced Personalised Video Platform

Smart Video Australia’s personalised customer engagement platform offers a one stop CX hub with solutions enabling customised 360˚ interaction throughout the customer lifecycle - from acquisition and upsell, to engagement and retention. The platform facilitates highly personalised interactions that deliver a human experience – automated and at scale.

Personalised Video Concierge VaaS (Virtual Agent as a Service)

With our Smart Video virtual assistants, your customers can interact with an automated real person. These cutting-edge personalised video concierges are trusted guides who can offer support through what may be a complex, cumbersome or onerous process. Smart Video concierges can explain important information at points that are typically roadblocks to completion. It all leads to increased completion of online signup, purchase or join processes.

Personalised Video Chatbots

Smart Video’s world-first AI powered personalised video chatbots allow your organisation to offer advanced customer support via a real person – automated and at scale. In the same time that customers receive a text response, our chatbot platform can deliver a personalised video response. Where customers need support for issues, or have problems they need addressing, our virtual video assistants offer compassion and convey empathy, always at the right time. Offering a personal connection that they will never receive through existing messaging technology. Our solution offers a choice of human presenters or avatars. Our design team will create the chatbot following your brand guidelines and customer base demographics.

Personalised Interactive Video

Smart Video has developed interactive data-driven video technology that personalises the viewers’ experience further and leverages customers’ on-demand consumption mindset. On-screen menu buttons can appear at any point in the video, where viewers choose next steps from pre-set journey threads. This empowers customers with a heightened sense of discovery. It all leads them along the path to purchase, where on-screen clickable CTA buttons encourage them to take action. A wealth of data is collected through viewer interaction. This informs and optimises future marketing initiatves.

Email / SMS Platform

Smart Video Australia designs and develops highly responsive emails which optimise open rates and CTRs. Through our own eDM/SMS platform we deliver our personalised videos to an infinite sized database. Our SMS platform delivers personalised videos via shortened URL, with enterprise grade compliance, security and reliability. Our eDM/SMS platform interacts seamlessly with your marketing automation or CRM platform.

Welcome Interruption (WI) Technology Mobile Marketing Platform

Smart Video Australia’s cutting edge, real-time location technology can engage customers in ground-breaking ways. Partnering with Accenture and Cricket Australia we leveraged WI technology. This allowed us to identify which fans were at a test match or one day game – through their Cricket Australia app. We then delivered real time personalised videos - via push notifications in game, from Tim Paine (Aust Cricket Capt). WI technology allows you to deliver the right message in exactly the right place, at the right time.

Analytics Dashboard

Our Video Analytics Client Dashboard offers actionable customer insights in real time, 24/7. The dashboard allows you to measure key metrics such as –

  • Who viewed
  • Who hasn't viewed
  • Play duration
  • Device – Operating System – Browser
  • Location

Generate reports or we can automate delivery of analytics data feeds directly to your marketing platform. This can be used to optimise future marketing strategies, refine campaigns or trigger events – enabling maximum effectiveness and ROI.

Google  |  Adobe Analytics

Google and Adobe analytics integration uncovers granular data about user actions. This enables a deeper view of customer actions post video view experience.

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