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The Smart Video Australia personalised video Saas platform delivers interactive personalised video engagement communications across the customer lifecycle.

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Quote/ Enquiry
Augment the human experience and amplify new customer acquisition through personalised video. Enhance understanding of your products and services from the commencement of the CX lifecycle.
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New Customer Onboarding
Welcome new customers, clients and members through an engaging and dynamic customer journey. Via personalised video, cover off answers to the most asked questions your call centre receives. This reduces contact centre traffic demonstrably. Educate and enable customers to self-manage their account after signup. It all leads to heightened loyalty and reduced churn.
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Account Signup
Amplify new customer acquisition through interactive personalised videos. Enhance products and service understanding from the outset of your relationship with them.
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Renewal / Churn Reduction
Engage your customers at the right time, explaining and reviewing premiums, policy coverage and other details. Ensure a convenient and seamless renewal of policies and plans in a targeted way. Amplify retention through live, on-screen CTA buttons. All via an automated, humanised experience.
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Video Statements / Billing
Through personalised video statements we can create opportunities for upsell, cross sell and increased loyalty.
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Application Approval Processing
Congratulate and welcome new customers while explaining features and benefits. At the same time create opportunitiesfor cross and upsell.
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Retention / Loyalty
3 out of 4 of online customers belong to at least one program. Members who receive personalised video communications are more open to a deeper level of engagement. Leverage key drivers of loyalty program success - account management and benefits, all via communication that resonates more strongly and creates a wow factor.
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Survey Invitations
Increase survey response rates up to 300%. You earn the right to receive feedback from customers through a compassionate real human presenter. Personalised video survey invitations lower survey fatigue demonstrably, whilst automating action and increasing NPS.
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Mortgage Settlement
Through our partnership with MSA National, Australia’s largest home loan facilitator, we deliver personalised video mortgage settlement videos 5 days a week. The solution includes links to DocuSign, accessed via on-screen CTA buttons.
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Personalised Internal Communications Employee Engagement
Through personalised video interaction with employees, you can maximise productivity through an automated human experience. Induct and on-board new staff members, boost internal communications, employee morale, compliance, promote loyalty, andimprove talent retention. Our Virtual Employee Engagement and Experience program helps you connect with your remote workforce in an innovative and engaging way.

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